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Friday, May 13, 2011

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Musclemania Championship - USA 2010

Friday, May 13, 2011

2010 Has seen Cat progress tromendously in her sport and flew to the USA for the Musclemania Championship which was held in Miami and Las Vegas.

In june 2010, She flew to the exotic city of Miami to compete in the Fitness Universe, Musclemania Championship. Cat entered the Figure category and competed for the first time against hundreds of of other beautiful female athletes from all around the world. The journey was going to be hard one but she gave everything and placed 18th in the Figure Tall category.

In November 2010, She then joined another 500 athletes from many countries around the world into the magical city of Las Vegas to compete for the Musclemania World also called Fitness America in which she entered not 1 but 2 category - Figure and Bodybuilding. Cat knew this one going to be her biggest challenge of her entire sport career and what can we say.....
She did extremely well and placed TOP10 in the hardest category 'Bodybuilding' where she had to face some very serious female bodybuilder. But her natural look, confidence on stage and smile won over of the judges!

She came back from this exilarating trip with beautiful memories and the wish to train harder to hopefully compete again in 2012 for the Musclemania America!!

Watch this space or join Cat on her Fan Page 'Cindy's Fan Page' on Facebook!

April 2009 * Training even harder

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hey everyone!
Its been a long time since I last updated you with some news, but here I am ready to give out some info.
2009 is going to be a test year where i will be experimenting on training, diet and and routine.
As you all know 2008 was a fantastic year finishing 5th at the French Final of Natural Bodybuilding Championship!!!
I know I could have done better and i missed out on the podium by very little but hey i'm learning from my mistake and i will definatly get better next time round!

So like I was saying this year I will not compete, it was not an easy decision to make but I had to choose between the competition or looking after my health and so i choose my health.
I do miss the frill of getting ready for the competition and the smell of the tan but i know that eventually i will come back on the competition circuit and that day will be very very enjoyable!
I am now testing my body with different training routine and exercices so far its working brillantly so i am confident that i will reach my goal. Finishing on the podium and joining the Elite Team!!!
It will be hard work but i am not scared of that !!!

I would love to work with an English photographer who has experience in shooting female bodybuilder, I need some new training pics for a French mag so anyone interested give me a shout!

1/4 de final du Championnat de France FFHMFAC Vergeze 12-04-08

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Classement 3eme et selectionne pour les demi final France!!!

Le Salon Mondial du Bodyfitness 2007

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Voila quelques news concernant mon bref passage au salon du bodyfitness,
tout d'abord je veux dire un grand merci a Jean Texier de m'avoir invite et a Gilbert Girard pour m'avoir aussi permis d'etre parmis eux au stand du Monde du Muscle.
Ce fut une experience magique, tous les gens que j'ai rencontres etaient d'une tres grande gentillesse et quel plaisir que d'etre parmis les plus grand champion de bodybuilding.
Un autre grand merci a JP qui a passe un long moment avec moi pour faire un reportage photo, c'etait vraiment bien.

Et un dernier grand merci a vous tous qui etes venu me dire bonjour ou me demander une photo, c'est toujours un plaisir que de vous rencontrer!
Salut a tout le monde qui visite mon site internet je tiens simplement a dire que je serais au Salon Mondial du Bodyfitness toute la journee du Vendredi 16 Mars.
Alors peut etre a bientot.
Hope to see you at the World bodybuilding show in Paris on friday the 16th of March!

Parutions dans Le Monde du Muscle

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Nouvelle Parution Article sur le thème "Changer d'idée"
Le Monde Du Muscle N°268/ Septembre 2006

Parutions "The Unforgettable French Girl"
Interview réalisé par Jean Texier
Le Monde du Muscle N°267 / Juillet-août 2006


Sunday, May 21, 2006

Hi to everyone,
Just a few news about me and what is going on in my life at the moment.
Bodybuilding wise, i was invited by a French Magazine called Le Monde du Muscle et du Fitness to attend to a big show in Paris. The show was held over 3days i went on the friday 16th and it was a fantastic experience. I met the journalist who had done several articles and interview about me, very nice person, very knowledgable on bodybuuilding. I really enjoyed that day, i did several photoshoot with a guy called J.P Kong again another very professional and friendly person who made me laugh. I had the immense pleasure of meeting some of the biggest bodybuilders Arnaud Plaisant is one of them...very impressive physique....
I'm training hard at the moment to reach my goal, it's hard work but i love it I wouldn't give it up for anything on this planet!
I've changed my training routine to gain a bit more muscle mass...i'll get there with time.
So if i train hard enough and i'm happy with my physique i may try to compete again in 2008 anyway that's my goal at the moment!
I just love the thrill of it, the crowd, the routine, going on stage everything is fun and i love it!
So to all of you don't be scared of training with weights, you'll only come out happier of this experience...