Musclemania Championship - USA 2010

Friday, May 13, 2011

2010 Has seen Cat progress tromendously in her sport and flew to the USA for the Musclemania Championship which was held in Miami and Las Vegas.

In june 2010, She flew to the exotic city of Miami to compete in the Fitness Universe, Musclemania Championship. Cat entered the Figure category and competed for the first time against hundreds of of other beautiful female athletes from all around the world. The journey was going to be hard one but she gave everything and placed 18th in the Figure Tall category.

In November 2010, She then joined another 500 athletes from many countries around the world into the magical city of Las Vegas to compete for the Musclemania World also called Fitness America in which she entered not 1 but 2 category - Figure and Bodybuilding. Cat knew this one going to be her biggest challenge of her entire sport career and what can we say.....
She did extremely well and placed TOP10 in the hardest category 'Bodybuilding' where she had to face some very serious female bodybuilder. But her natural look, confidence on stage and smile won over of the judges!

She came back from this exilarating trip with beautiful memories and the wish to train harder to hopefully compete again in 2012 for the Musclemania America!!

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